" Assure Environmental Compliance While Achieving Sustained Profitability"

LCAPIX Module Software for Life Cycle Assessment

Welcome to the KM Limited home page. We provide a methodology for integrating Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Activity Based Costing (ABC) within a corporate environment through our Life Cycle Assessment Process Index Software, LCAPIX

The LCAPIX Module provides a stand alone software application which can analyze processes on a product basis, determine environmental load centers, and allow for development of a comprehensive database. The database contains relevant process information in an easily storable, exchangeable, and analytical format. The software can support multiple internal industrial systems.

Each municipality, organization, or corporation which utilizes, produces, or disposes a product has a range of strategic options regarding environmentally responsible and efficient performance. The LCAPIX Module allows for a quantitative measurement which can indicate the potential burden of any product. Strategic comparisons of product and process choices can then be fairly assessed.

Patents and Awards

US Patent 6,490,569 Granted Dec. 3, 2002

US6490569, a system for combining life cycle assessment with activity based costing using a relational database software application is a patented method for analysis of environmental load burdens and associated costs for products, processes and services, which takes into account both life cycle assessment and activity based costing.

HRTC Excellence in Innovation Award, 2002

The Hampton Roads Technology Council's Willcox & Savage Excellence in Innovation Award recognizes U.S. patents issued to Hampton Roads inventors deemed to represent significant commercial potential and/or social benefit.



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