KM Limited is proud to offer software that combines Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Activity Based Costing/Management (ABC/M), LCAPIX.

What is LCAPIX?
The LCA Life Cycle Index Module (PIX) consists of
     1. LCAPIX Application and Database
     2. Online help and support
     3. A Printed Manual

This user friendly software can help your business assure environmental compliance while assuring sustained profitability. Also, LCAPIX can greatly aid your company in achieving the ISO 14000 certification, a must for any business that desires to succeed well into the 21st Century.

LCAPIX Module Objective
To provide a stand-alone application to analyze processes and determine environmental load centers.
Develop a comprehensive database for relevant process information in an easily storable, exchangeable, and evaluative format.
To assist in achieving ISO/RC/4000 Certification using Life Cycle Assessment

The Advantages of LCAPIX Module
1. Provides inexpensive, rapid, and simple LCA strategic, environmental comparisons of any product, process or service.
2. Allows for addition and access of general databases (e.g. Boustead, TELLUS, TME, etc.) to perform valuation based on various methodologies.
3. Performs LCA and ABC simultaneously, not only for implementing an effective environmental management strategy (EMS), but also to ensure future efficiency and profitability.
4. Converts LCA impact analysis information into suitable form (graphical and numerical reports) for inclusion in managerial and executive situations.
5. Allows each LCA stage (inventory, impact assessment, improvement) to be performed independently.
6. Builds a process hierarchy inventory of industrial systems, calculates process substance amounts, and determines the process substance Environmental Load Units (ELU's), in the case of the EPS (Environmental Protection Strategy, a database compiled by Chalmers University - Sweden) methodology.
7. Once one process inventory is completed, many calculations or "cases", can be determined in the analysis stage.

LCAPIX is written in PowerBuilder 4.0.
The system requirements for LCAPIX are: 
OS: Windows 95, 98, 2000 or XP (with Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.0 installed)
Hardware: IBM compatible computer with at least 64 MB RAM, Pentium processor or higher.


KM Limited is a software and service provider for many scientific and engineering disciplines which are related to product Life Cycle Analysis/Assessment and ISO 14000, specializing in the electronics and chemicals industry. Expertise in software development, and in optimization of materials requirements and process alternatives are provided to our clients. The LCAPIX Module, registered copywrite (1997) and granted Patent US 6,490,569 (Dec.3, 2002), is offered by KM Limited under the following service, support and software development conditions: 

1. A one time licensing fee of $595.00 for LCAPIX ver. 1.1 as a standalone application (60 day money back trial) which allows the user to install and copy a "back-up" version of the software. Version 1.1 includes a more extensive database over version 1.0 and features the new Graphical User Interface with Tree View. The software is distributed on a single CDROM and complete with a 70 page instruction manual which includes 3 separate working examples.

2. A one time licensing fee of $1995.00 for LCAPIX Client/Server Application (60 day money back trial) which allows the user to install and copy a "back-up" version of the software. This version includes an extensive database and features the new Graphical User Interface with Tree View; also support Client/Sever application which allows for Web interaction with the databases. The software is distributed on a single CDROM.

3. No redistribution, resale, or sublicensing without the expressed written consent and authorization of KM Limited is permitted. 

4. Initial support and installation on any organizations platform, that can accomodate the LCAPIX, will be provided for 5 days at the cost of $2000.00 plus travel expenses. This 5 day service is offered to assist the organization with implementation of not only the LCAPIX Module, but also will be directed toward demonstration of cost saving measures and strategic planning options. 

5. The annual fee for continued service, support, development, and upgraded software is $1000.00 payable on or before 12/31 of the calendar year in which the software was purchased.